Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Jared Anderson

At age five, Jacob's brother Jared liked to stand on one foot and lean over with his arms out like an airplane when he was being photographed. Now he is a junior in high school, and seems to be always up for anything. He'd probably love to play croquet with you after the ceremony.

Stefanie Johnston
"Always a good choice"

Having Stefanie as a sister is one of the greatest gifts in Emily's life. Stefanie is independent and adventurous, and currently lives with a houseful of Argentine women in Buenos Aires. She is a sensitive photographer, a thoughtful writer, and a loyal friend. Emily is always happy to be doing anything with Stefanie (especially talking late into the night).

Matt Anderson

Matt is Jacob's brother with long curly brown hair who lives in Southern California and runs a neighborhood community center and after school tutoring program. In his spare time he enjoys fishing. When he was little Matt was assigned the clothing color red. He and Tim will wear near-identical clothing at the wedding.

Tim Anderson

Tim is Jacob's brother with long curly brown hair who lives in Southern California and runs a neighborhood community center and after school tutoring program. In his spare time he enjoys fishing. When he was little Tim was assigned the clothing color blue. He and Matt will wear near-identical clothing at the wedding.

Philip Johnston

Always perfecting the art of living on this earth with both a great mind and a big heart, Emily's brother Phil has a photographic memory, loves picking apricots, digging up ancient artifacts in the Middle East (he's in Israel right now), and talking with you about almost anything. If Emily could be anywhere with Phil right now, she would be drinking coffee in a distant, dusty city contemplating life from a new geographical perspective.

Lenine Sanchez-Tapia
“Dança! Dança! Dança!”

Leno has been Jacob, Matt, Tim, and Jared's brother since 1998, and is one of the best things to ever happen to the Anderson family. He says he likes football, but we've never seen him actually watching it, just some sport with a round ball and no helmets, usually played by a team wearing yellow, green, and blue.

Elizabeth Roberts

Having a friend who is also a francophile/phone has been a great gift for Emily as she's lived far from home. Elizabeth and Emily have roomed together, cooked together (Beth's spinach quiche is one of Emily's favorites), ridden trains, laughed at themselves, cried at themselves, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Emily can't wait for Elizabeth to get back from her grad program in France--though she's glad Elizabeth gets to be there!

Micah Barber

Jacob's longest running roommate--they've lived together in Fischer, the Ranch, the New Ranch, Santa Barbara, Humboldt Park, a car in L.A., and probably a tent or two. Micah's singing and piano playing are the sound track to the last 8 years of Jacob's life.

Katie Austin

The creative mind and hand behind our invitation drawings! Katie and Emily met and timidly became friends huddling under a shared blanket on a boat bumping across Lake Michigan. In the 8 years since, Katie's constant friendship and deep care for people have made a deep impression in Emily's life. Katie is the mother of Olive "Cute-as-a-Button" Austin and shares with Emily a love for a (different) man named Jacob.

Ryan Rogers

What are the odds that two boys born two states away within tewnty days of each other would be friends for twenty years (through swim team, Awana, prom, college dorms) and within two months time marry two best friends? (Answer: one in two million billion!)

Kate Johnson

Kate introduced herself to Emily in their first 30 minutes at Wheaton College and has been an encouraging friend and motivator ever since. In the first 3 days of her summer in Paris with Emily's family, Kate found the classifieds, aced several phone interviews (in her non-native French), and landed a summer job all before getting over jet-lag! Kate loves the color green and Ryan Rogers.

Kyler Mulhauser

Jacob's roommate this last year. Kyler is a meticulous coffee maker, always ready with the half & half. If we could put Kyler through a duplicator and have him stand with each of our wedding parties, we would!

Laura Wetter
"Dance! Dance! Dance!"

Laura's ideal invention would be an "intentions communicator button" to wear on her shoulder. Fellow Art student, roommate, and inspiration to Emily. A keen observer of life, Laura can tell a 10 minute story in 10 perfect words.

Karen Teune

Karen is an actor, adventurer, and incorrigible idealist. Karen's been Emily's biggest gulp of fresh air through many endless nights of art making, one endless summer, and several long journeys across the country. Lately she's brimming with tales from China and New York.

Mei-Mei Edgar

Emily is Mei-Mei's lucky Godmother and loves her very much!


stefanie johnston said...

you guys are just too perfect

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